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Coconut shell charcoal contains the highest percentage of fixed carbons of all the lignaceous charcoals. The average composition of good charcoal 


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We only pack our briquettes after the moisture level has been brought down below 5% and the briquettes are at room temperature. The briquettes are packed in very well sealed plastic lined boxes which ensure they do not come into contact with moist air. We also place several desiccant bags inside the shipping containers so that the air within the container is kept dry during sea transit. You can rest assured that only well dried charcoal briquettes will be delivered to you!

We only use coconut shell charcoal and approximately 4% of a natural, eco-friendly binder such as tapioca starch to make our briquettes. Nothing else! No nitrates, no borax, no lime, no sawdust or even wood charcoal. Thus our briquettes do not give off any foul odors or smoke during lighting or burning making them a healthier choice compared to traditional quick light charcoals.

Our 100% natural coconut shell charcoal briquettes do not contain any nitrates (or other lighting agents such as sawdust) which help make briquettes light faster but cause unpleasant side effects. However, the high fixed carbon content of our briquettes means they will burn hotter and longer, once they are lit, than other varieties of briquettes.

The best way to light our briquettes is by using an electric coil heater. Turn the heater up to high and place the briquettes on one face for approximately 4 mins then flip it over. Wait until almost all sides are coated with a thin layer of ash. Total lighting time may take up to 10 minutes. Larger briquettes may take longer to light than the smaller sized ones.

Absolutely. If you would like a different shape or size than is not mentioned on this website, we can do that for you. Some customers also require wood charcoal to be added to the briquettes to speed up lighting time, which we can do. However we will not add nitrates, borax, limestone to our briquettes.

We have good experience tailor making briquettes for a wide variety of uses and customers.

Yes we do. Just send us an email to inquire. We want you to be firmly convinced of the quality of our product.

We generally sell our briquettes in bulk to wholesales and distributors. A We can supply up to 300 tons per month of coconut shell charcoal briquettes. A 20 foot container will typically fit 18 tons of briquettes and a 40ft container will fit up to 25 tons of briquettes.

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